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Family ties

Sully held down his sister with a foot on her hair, and the other on her neck and watched as she gasped for air.

"Now, little sis. We have a dilemma here. I could kill you, or let you go. Choices, choices. I know before I wouldn't lay a hand on you, you were my favorite sibling after all. But there are things you don't seem to get."

Oyumi spat at Sully with a look of hatred as he spoke, her yellow eyes glaring with hate as she struggled under foot.

"You killed our mother! Don't talk about what I get! You are a traitor, and a thief."

Sully just glared at her returning the look with care.

"I think you should go back home before you force my hand. You don't have the skill to kill me. You never did."

With that a single punch to the head and Oyumi was left in the forest to lay. However Sully watched from afar to make sure she was not attacked by the forest creatures. He watched his sister till she finally awoke and she stalked off.

"She is going to be a tough one to deal with."

Sully bandaged his arm where his sister got the jump on him. "Damn, she at least got a little better."
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