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Exotic Characters & Races

Exotic Races & Powers

Non-standard characters are permitted on Andrune. A non-standard character is any character that can't be created using purely the NWN character creation system. This might include aasimars, goblins, half-dragons and vampires. But while youare allowed to play a character like this you do need permission.

The reason we don't allow anyone to make just anything is twofold:

1) If everyone could make a half-dragon, no questions asked, there might be too many of them. And it would make them look common-place and uninteresting.

2) We need to be sure that the person making the character understands the impact they'll have on the world and how others will react to them.

Making a Request

Send me a private message with the enclosed information:

Account Name

Character Name

Subrace & Circumstances: I need to know what your subrace is and why your character should have it. In some cases, a biography should suffice. Or if an existing character takes on a subrace or template, I'll need an explanation and some people who can vouch for you: becoming a lich, being bitten by a werewolf etc.

Expectations: What role will your character play and how do you expect the rest of the world to react to them? It's important that we know how your character will fit into the existing game world, and that you have a good idea of how people may react.

Statistics: This includes all mechanical changes that your character will need. Such as changes in appearance, attributes etc.

Level Adjustment

Many exotic D&D races have a level adjustment (LA+1, LA +2 etc). An 5th level tiefling paladin (LA +1) is the equivalent in power to a 6th level human paladin (LA +0). Keeping that in mind, exotic characters might not begin at 6th level. A tiefling might begin their journey at 5th and a drow at 4th.

This is obviously to keep the game fair and to discourage taking on a subrace for power alone.

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