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Seriously guys?

This forum thread is for your benefit. The dm inst always gonna give you the exact piece of equipment you need. We are not always going to upgrade the gear you already have. I'm sick of hearing the implicit sighs on quests when the treasure inst tailor made to the party, or you guys receive gold as a reward.

The majority of the upper level characters have some pretty advanced gear that we the dms may not always feel comfortable upgrading on a generic throw away quest. That being said, we also realize that there reaches a point when the characters have more money than God, and nothing to spend it on after they've bought the items they desire from Eochaids or Haderus.

We all know you people have hordes of items you don't sell. This is supposed to be a means for you to utilize your vast fortunes to acquire useful items from other players in a free market environment.

"Opiferque Per Orbem Dicor"
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