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Battle in Bodkin

...And so the band of famous warriors gathered to fight alongside the villagers on the Common. Like the storm that engulfed bodkin, Valineal's fairy followers rained down volley after volley of biting arrows. His sword carrying satyrs cutting into the village, burning and killing as they gallop. For many hours the defenders of Bodkin held off the savage hordes, but even a stone wall can not hold back the mountain glacier. Constable Phaeron, his heart sad to see the people of his village dying on the green, cried out to Valineal for parley. The angered stag emerged from the forest to discuss terms of surrender with Constable Dax.

As they spoke, something dark and quiet moved among the trees, and when valineal's temper had clouded his senses, Phaeron cried a warning to his companions and dove quickly to the grass. A black and silver arrow, more lightning than an arrow, flew over the lowered head of the warriors struck the white stag in his chest. The stag wounded, retreated to the forest. The warriors followed.

It is said the Phaeron chose to aid the wounded God, while angering the bowman Erawyn. The shaman say Erawyn broods now, angered and licking his wounded pride, fletching dark arrows for what will be a long cold winter.

Great changes have occurred in Bodkin. As dawn broke over the village, fairy folk emerged from the trees. They carried no weapons, but baskets brimming with food and garlands of flowers. The gentle nymphs carried with them many children, some now adolescents, once thought lost to the fey. The satyrs lead reigned bears, upon whos backs were the three maidens held hostage by Valineal. His followers helped to heal the wounded, and refill the village granary with food. The spoke little but smiled, giving constable phaeron a bow, and left as peacefully as they came.

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