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Midknight Massacre

Travelers are stunned by the gruesome scene at the roadside camp at graymane slopes. a family of pilgrims making their way from rivenmaur to durinham were found slain their lifeblood mingling with the nearby waters of the lake. old and young, men and women hacked to pieces by an ice cold blade. one man's head seemed to have exploded from the inside painting the nearby tree in brainmatter, and another seemingly covered in boils and burns still convulsing in agony long after the life had left his eyes. the strangest sight is the zombified remains of one of the men sitting calmly at the campfire and watching over the blood soaked grass.some say that the family traveled with two children, a three year old and a newborn sign of the children has been found..only a bloody set of boot prints headed back towards Blacktooth bend.

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