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Letters and requests.

Returning from a most invigorating walk through the mountains, Provost Tanaquil returns to her office and sits to write. Her letter is a simple account of the afternoon adventure. Attached are sketches of the structure, runes, and robes she observed. Making a copy of this packet she seals both bundles with wax, and summons Malacoda to her side.

" Malacoda, I need you to take this to the Library in the upper spire. Don't make that face, no harm will come to you...I think. It is information that they will no doubt find interesting, and a polite request for any further insight they may have on the subject. Return to me in the lower library when you are finished, I'll be among the stacks. "

Having sent her fiery pet off she meanders over to a perch where a winged monkey tears at a piece of fruit. With a pat and promises of treats, she instructs the furry messenger to take the duplicate parcel to the House of Illareth.
  " Fly my pretty darling, and don't dawdle."


"Opiferque Per Orbem Dicor"
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