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Stories of the Old Ways.

Since freeing the malicious Huntress, the Malarites have retreated into the deepest regions of BrokenBow. Inhabiting mysterious and ancient ruins found in a previously isolated section of the forest, they've begun to scour the island for similar structures and relics. For the time being, their hatred for the Andrunesse barons seems cooled in comparison to the now redoubled loathing towards the Tuatha. Travelers stumbling upon their forest shrines will noticed a more varied motif in their alter arrangements. Offers of fruit, garlands of flowers, meat of herd animals, and a whole host of items wholly separate from the act of hunting. Fresh upon their tongues are the fables and parables once confined to bedtime stories.

One of theses stories recently caught the ear of a the beautiful and noble Lady Salanitrii. The fable tells of three Aolythian immortal siblings. The sister in this trio of beings was a creature of exceptional joy, beauty, and most importantly caprice. Seeking to use the competitive relationship of her brothers for her amusement, she declared that while each was nice, she was most unsure of which brother was her favorite. Both elder brother swore to bring her back a gift better than the other.

The first brother was keeper of the sacred cattle , and a strong and honorable warrior in the field of battle. Finding a beautiful and holy Tuathan grove, he wrestled and defeated the protective spirit there. Gathering plants and seeds from this grove he planted a divine garden upon an island he made by chopping off a Stormcrest peak and casting it into the ocean.

The second brother was The Bowman, the wearer of skins and watchman of the hunt. Wily and clever he hunted and entrapped a Tuathan animal spirit. The lovely and divine snowcat was collared in silver and presented in a glittering enchanted ice cage that would never melt.

The sister was most pleased with both offerings. While she found the cat most enjoyable, to see such a beast locked away mad her sad, and she did no like to see sad things. More importantly the beast refused to be tamed, and would not tolerate petting or being led on a leash. The garden was chosen as her favorite, and given her blessing. As her ruby lips kissed the verdant sod, a orange tree sprung from the ground. The fruit of which is said to grant beauty of an immortal.

Knowing that many of these old legends have been found to hold elements of truth, the Lady Salanitrii sent the pirate Viktor and the mage Rina to collect an orange from this sacred tree. The Lady Salanitrii has not been seen in public since their return with the fruit.

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