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As evening creeps over the bustling Avendel, a silver furred monkey with pearly wings flutters across the arboretum. Landing before the Ilareth Manor house he straightens his velvet vest and approaches the gaurds. He squeeks and holds out a plainly wrapped package marked with the crest of the theurmatological society. Enclosed is a letter and some gnomish sweets.

My most redoubted Baron,

Enclosed with this parcel is a tin of caramels for your enjoyment. I write to alert you to some worrisome facts. While visiting the library of the Triad I had chance conversation with the High Priestess Malithra. Our discussion turned to current events and we spoke of the most dreadful dragon attacks on Sunspring meadows. During the course of our chat she admitted freely that she had awoken the dragon, and for no other purpose then self amusement. It seems the Lady Waters unleashed the ancient Wyrm with the arrogant intention of slaying it and proving her might. I am shocked my lord. I believe her attempt at fame will savor little admiration when more weep than did cheer for it. This is a high priestess, one would hope that such a person would have the wisdom and foresight not do such a thing. The summation of this conversation and the rumors of unnatural conceptions and sinister celestials disturbs me. Why does this woman and her sullied order steward of the lands near Rivenmaur?

           T. Tanaquil, PharmD.,PhD.,BCCS.

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"Opiferque Per Orbem Dicor"
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