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Das Drache Fafnir!

Run for your lives!! Dragon! Head for the hills!

For centuries upon centuries the island nation of Aolyth has been free of dragons. So rare and unseen are the scaly lizards that many natives of the island laugh at the dragon filled stories of cormyrian outlanders. For Aolythians their knowledge of dragons comes from the dusty illuminated texts of their ancestors and the stone reliefs on temple walls. Dragons are a creature of bedtime stories and not current events.

Fafnir was just a character in these tales, until of course he hovered over the sleepy town of Sunspring and razed a number of homes there. The colossal red dragon laughed in delight, snatched up two fair maidens for a snack, and swooped back towards his lair in the mountains. Many would have been dead if a band of adventurers had not stumbled onto the scene and gathered aide for the crippled town.

How? Why? The dragon Fafnir, the ruby nightmare, the devourer of heros, he was said to have died or moved on. Why now after a millennium has he returned? What horrid being unleashed this ancient scourge? What savior will slay him?

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"Opiferque Per Orbem Dicor"
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