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Godrun Firebeard: Kidnapped

Godrun Firebeard, world-renown wizard, and one of the grandmaster's of the dwarvish fraternity Tolduar Ovax* is believed to have been kidnapped. The news was brought to Khaz'Nazim's embassy in Avendel following an investigation conducted by one of the guild's agents.

Tolduar Ovax dispatched an agent to investigate after they had not heard from the inventor in some months. His island retreat was reportedly in ruins, but through divination they determined that he was abducted from his workshop by a band of mercenaries. Godrun's whereabouts are unknown but the Empire is currently seeking out the alleged kidnappers. Their identities have not yet been disclosed.

*Tolduar Ovax is one of the largest and most influencial dwarvish trade guilds. It is based in Khaz'Nazim and is the largest exporter of arms and armor in the Empire. The Blackstone Armory of Avendel has close ties to the brotherhood.

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