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Killing In The Name Of

The small town of Sunspring Meadows came under siege one day by a vicious small army of Goblins. The farming men, having become enraged at the loss of life and property in their town, managed to beat the goblins back, back to the forest they came from. Though, most certainly, not for long. The goblins, it seemed, were content to wait some time before re attacking and claiming the village lands for good.

At the behest of a young, female messenger, Belianna the knight enlisted the aid of several mercenaries and adventuring heroes. These motley, assorted group slaughtered the army of goblins easily, practically running through any defenses they had set up.

As they reached the tent, however, that contained the obvious leaders, they paused for a moment before rushing into the tent. The battle that ensued was indeed terrific and awe inspiring, though it lasted a few short seconds.

A powerful spell, calling down bolts of lightning from the heavens themselves, was cast by the Pscionist Rick, greatly aiding in the fight. However, Rick's spell also blew apart a chest the goblinoid leaders had been arguing over, melting the contents into a rainbow's mix of colored metals, which promptly seeped into the loose soil. The lightning blew most of the tent away, setting what was left ablaze. A quick freezing spell from the wizardess Hygea and the nimble fingers of Liam, managed to save a letter to the goblin chieftan from an unknown source while the rest of the papers burned.

Various attempts to decipher the orcish script later, it was learned by the group that the goblin war party was hired by someone to assault the town, being paid the sum of forty thousand gold. The letter was signed, Khaga.
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