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A series of signs have been posted on trees along the road to Avendel and the road to Rivenmaur.

Rewards of cash or treasure given for the
capture and delivery of the following persons to Shadowspire Island.

Malithra Waters: ( dead or alive) 50,000 crowns or treasure

Strange Elvin blind orc: (alive and a bonus if in an adorable cage) 10,000 crowns or treasure

Fraydoc the Gorrilla: (alive or stuffed in an amusing pose) 100,000 crowns or treasure

Solia(sp?)Goldleaf: (alive) 75,000 crowns or treasure.

Numos Goldleaf: ( alive, and in an un-cursed form preferably) 100,000 crowns or treasure

"Opiferque Per Orbem Dicor"
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