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A fond farewell.

  The old man hobbled through the entrance of the Whasted Whale. He steadied his crutch as he straightened his jacket.With a light sigh he took in the sight of the nearly empty tavern. A sullen look filled his face as he made his way to the bar counter with a painstaking limp.He sat himself in an empty stool and leaned his crutch against the bar counter.He called out to the bar tender," I'll have thirteen shots of the strongest drink you've got."He scanned the room once more as the bar tender went to fill the order he has given. He let out a soft sigh," Lively place this is... I suppose it's only fitting." The old man nodded as the bar tender returned and set his order of drinks before him. He slid a small bag of coins across the counter and sent the bar tender on his way. As the old man looked over the drinks set before him his mind began to recall the events of the night that claimed his crew.

earnest Colt was raised on the sea and had seen many a sight in his day. None of which we're more terrifying as he'd lived through recently.Ol' Earnie could still hear their screams as they were torn asunder by the strange invaders that overtook the ship so suddenly.His crew fought valiantly, especially that priestess lass. "A shame what happened to her...", he muttered. With a long sigh he lifted the first glass. "To the fallen...", and with that he downed the first tribute of many.
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