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Letter to Numos

Too Numos

I am sure that as of late you have heard many things about the Malarits. I was recently approached by the Huntress’s followers. In regards I have heard that you hold information on her. I have little history on her and only know of her threats that she has made to the town of Rivenmaur, and how I disapprove of her tactics to sway my help to her side. Recently she has asked for my help in regards to peace. However before I make a commitment to helping I wish to hear what you have to say on the matter.

I am in a bind at the moment do to recent events concerning many things. And before making the move to try and help the people that fallow her, I wish to know what you have to say. So far other then the attacks she had ordered, she has not fallowed up on her threats. Weather or not the attacks to find the staff that is held by Kierein, was but out of frustration and desperation. My wish is to find more information regarding the Huntress. Any information would be of great help.

Malithra Silverblade Waters
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