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Crime & Punishment

Crime in Andrune

While ruling nobles are given a great deal of discretion in what laws they apply to their territories. However... all Baronies and fiefdoms within must follow imperial guidelines.

Legal disputes are usually brought before the ruling noble of a town or barony, or an appointed magistrate. If it is a criminal trial. The use of a jury is at the discretion of the ruler.

When an aristocrat is accused of or involved in a crime, it is inappropriate for them to stand trial before the local sovereign. Nobles can only be tried before no more than three Barons or the Emperor himself. Any trials involving noble born must take place within Avendel.

Misdemeanor offenses are crimes involving small sums of money, violence where no one is killed or maimed, or any other statutes set forth by a ruler. Misdemeanors usually mandate a fine or restitution and are rarely even brought before a magistrate.

High Crimes:
Burglary, grievous injury, murder, rape, robbery, and any crimes where large sums are stolen are high crimes. The punishment for a high crime varies by offense. In some cases the offender is branded on the hand with a letter indicating the crime. In others, they offender is executed. Offenders are almost always forced to surrender all arms and armor.

If a person is convicted of a high crime, they are permanently and magically branded with a letter designating the crime on their hand. If they are convicted of another high crime, after that point, they are executed.

Rarely is anyone imprisoned for a crime, save being placed in a holding cell for the duration of their trial. They usually are forced to pay restitution and let go, or sometimes branded or executed.

Only political prisoners, or those worth keeping alive for some other purpose, are ever jailed for extended periods.

Crime and Magic:
While its quite easy to apply these laws to common folk, it's more difficult to apprehend people with sorcery at their disposal. While in principle should go through the same process as any other criminal, they rarely do. Law enforcement often errs on the side of caution and Warlocks, necromancers and the like are often killed on sight instead of captured.

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