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IMPORTANT: State of the server...

I really need to keep up with forum communication. I keep in touch with most folks on skype these days, and I feel bad about losing touch with folks without it. It’s been a long year or so, but we’re nearing a finished product. So I’ve got a few announcements:

A New Forum:
First off, we now have a new forum location at [sign in to see URL]

I’d like to thank Runboard for its years of hosting. However, we’re a writing-intensive community. Having additional controls over fonts and post-formatting will be a good thing for us.

Open Beta:
In the next two weeks I’d like to invite everyone to an open beta of the module. I’d have liked to having something totally finished waiting for everyone, but people are chomping at the bit to actually play. The open beta will be a chance to test out the mechanics of the world, and the way the story goes together. I mostly want to know if people can break the game. I can’t really promise any major story developments in the open beta, and the character vaults might only stick around if things go well.

I’ll try to run a few events for fun, nonetheless.

It’s a little crazy to be launching an NWN server in 2015, but the community is still pretty vibrant, so what the hell.

The reason we’re doing a relaunch in the first-place is we needed a change. I want the server to be someplace fun and exciting to play on, where your heart starts pounding because you’re afraid your PC might die. I don’t want people idling around a campfire and making smalltalk. The most fun I’ve had on Andrune is when characters fought and schemed against eachother. I want to bring that back.

The setting:
The module will take place in Bodkin, 5 years from where we left off. A growing elven force has cut off Avendel from a decaying empire. Darach has declared himself king of Asheland and the north is ravaged by bandits and slavers. House Rowley has moved its seat to Bodkin, where an influx of refugees are pouring in.

The druids, who thought they’d find victory in this, are dismayed as their powers mysteriously dwindle.

We’re going to have a vault wipe. I want to start everyone off on even footing. I want it to be easy for new characters to jump in, and catch up to or eclipse old characters. We strongly prefer new concepts, but if you have a character you were attached to, and want to continue their story, contact me and we can work something out. This offer is not so much for established PCs, like Haze or Isania, but for characters who were just getting started before the server went on hiatus.

In lieu of monster-filled dungeons, experience is awarded from scripted quests, challenging explorations, and other feats. Our range will be 1-10, with a focus on scarce consumables and potions over permanent gear. No one is going to find themselves with the best gear and swimming in spare weapons to hand down. You’re going to need to be greedy to survive.

Experience is also going to be more goal-based. You used to be able to grind illithid in Kaddath while watching TV or chatting. The ideal grinding spot was a place where monsters (1) granted experience; (2) there was minimal risk; (3) you didn’t need to pay attention or click on too many things. This was boring.

Rewards will now come from completing scripted quests or exploring dangerous areas on a per reset basis. You can pick the low-hanging fruit, but if you want to maximize your treasure and experience you’ll NEED to take tremendous risks.

Each time a player logs into the server we want it to be exciting. With or without a DM you should be able to move the story forward. Conflict and loss are important elements of story, and we’re trying to think of ways to encourage them.

Right now there are three factions in the game which are vital to the story, and will have DMed and scripted support: House Rowley, Cathbadh’s Circle, and the First Born Privateers. The story is going to move forward based on how the characters in these groups interact. There are numerous hide-outs to be claimed by player-created groups (bandit gangs, witch covens, etc.)

If you want to play a villainous cult of bloodmages you have all the tools you need to do so: you can ambush PCs, drag them to your lair, and drain their blood for your use in your magic. Maybe a paladin character sees this, swears an oath to House Rowley to see you brought to justice, and goes about hunting you. Maybe you die, maybe he dies.

This kind of setup is ideal compared to everyone simply waiting for a DM to run a similar plot, and probably resurrecting the party for a do-over if the fight is too hard.

In conclusion...
Hopefully everyone’s looking forward to resurrecting the server. I think we have a lot of fun ideas that will spice things up. I suggest looking at this as a whole new world, rather than a continuation of whatever we were doing before.

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