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Creiger Sidestep

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Height: 5'9
Weight: 172
Build: Athletic
eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown

Creiger Sidestep was born in a settlement called Watchman's Rock at the Spine of the World. His people are born from adversity and thrive in hardship. But now they face their greatest threat. A plague has afflicted his people and threw a prophetic dream from Lord Jarvis, the leader of his people, Creiger is searching for a cure.

Though his accent is thick and his manner of dress brooding, he is outwardly a kindly man quick to give a smile and a laugh. Though with any person he has his secrets and troubles. Often you will see him drinking from an ornate flask with the symbol of two snakes eating each other; one of the few things that he has left of his homeland. He has come a long way and is in a foreign land and unsure if this is even where he is meant to be. Time will only tell what will become of his story.
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