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Ainsley Finch

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Name: Ainsley Finch
Age: 20
Concept: Changeling, Witch
Religion: Formerly the Imperial Cult
Personality: Prideful, capricious, petulant, and child-like.


Ainsley Finch is the third-born son on a small vineyard along Andrune's southern coast. He enjoyed a happy childhood, free of expectation. Where his brother learned to hunt he learned herbology from the hedge-witch; where his sister mastered etiquette he studied elvish ballads. There was little place on he vineyard for him or his ambitions.

The Prince of Gawynthee was a faun who had long watched Ainsley. He approached him on a summers eve, and made an offer. The Prince would teach Ainsley how to speak to his hound in exchange for a wooden spoon from the kitchens. The boy thought nothing of this and fetched the spoon. The faun's word was good, and Ainsley learned the tongue of beasts. Ainsley and the Prince of Gawynthee carried on for some months. They would meet in the forest at twilight, and the boy would be given a task in exchange for lessons. They were little more than strange pranks: to fetch some mundane object, to replace one with another, to never wear shoes, or to open every window on the eve of the winter solstice.

He abruptly fled his home and its surrounds, traveling north, on his twentieth birthday.

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