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Nadia Cadieux

- Full Name: Nadia Cadieux
- Aliases: None known
- Species: Elf of unknown subrace
- Gender: Female
- Age: Ninty-six
- Hair Color: Green?!
- Eye Color: Golden
- Height: 4' 10" (147 cm)
- Weight: 90 lbs (41 kg)

- Birthplace: Twin Paradises of Bytopia
- Occupation: Dressmaker and all-around fashionista
- Personality: Let's go with "manic"...
- Sexuality: Bisexual
- Favorite Food: Cherry Cream Cake
- Favorite Drink: Iced Coffee
- Favorite Color: Cinnamon
- Likes: Fancy clothes, gnomes
- Dislikes: Perverts, repeating herself more than once
- Hobbies: Dance
- Impairments: None notable
- Seriousness: Definitely not a serious character!

"Oh dear, it's that crazy elf again."

Nadia Cadieux is an elf; on that much most can agree. What kind of elf, though, is a trifle more elusive. Her features match no known subrace of the fair folk and most would-be scholars get as far as noting her vivid green hair before giving up. Her big, golden eyes -- almost metallic in hue -- aren't any more typical. She has a fairly mundane elvish build; fairer and slimmer than most any human, slightly shorter than the racial average, with no other remarkable features to shed light on her origin. She often wears a formal black suit with red cuffs and a red collar, a white blouse, a short black skirt, black stockings with red garter belts, and red shoes.

Nadia was born in the Twin Paradises of Bytopia on the Dothion side of the plane. Her father was a jeweler and a quarter gnomish, which perhaps explains some of her less unusual qualities. Her mother ran a general store. Finding neither these ways of life nor that of idyllic wholesomeness in the Twin Paradises to her liking Nadia - physically mature but intellectually still a child - bailed on her family to hop a portal to the City of Doors to begin an adventure far more ludicrous than any dungeon dive. Armed only with boundless enthusiasm and a passion for fancy dress, Nadia carves out a little niche for herself in the interplanar textile business. It may have taken her forty years to make her way, but that's peanuts to an elf! From there, what she's described as an "interplanar accident involving a dretch and a pool noodle" landed her in Andrune with no clear route back to Sigil. It appears that she's there to stay!

All this, however, requires one to accept as reliable a story told by someone who is quite plainly a maniac. Nadia is a motor mouth and a social butterfly, always bouncing around from one conversation to another -- sometimes literally. She is always in motion, whether that be by way of fidgeting, hopping from foot to foot, or running full sprint through the Blue Moon with arms spread winglike. She tends to demonstrate a remarkable lack of common sense in conversation, often asking for clarification in ways that most right-minded folk would assume were puns.

Due to her planar travels (again, assuming one accepts her stories as true and not an endless stream of unconventional bardic tales), Nadia is remarkably well-versed in both general knowledge on the workings of the multiverse and wondrous creations from across the realms. For the exact same reason she has a tendency to sprinkle her speech with words and phrases that probably don't mean anything to anyone except her. "IT'S SCIENCE!" appears to be a particularly recurring one, but even serious conversations seem to fall prey to a lack of common vocabulary.

Nadia's got a good heart; no one could doubt she means well. All the same though, she is insensitive, quick to assume, slow on the uptake and, at times, exhausting to be around. It would not be a stretch to liken her to a gnome with a pituitary disorder, assuming anyone besides her knew what the pituitary gland even does.
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