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The Library's Eye Shifts.

[This is an announcement of an event that will occur in-game in one week, on the 14th of September AEST (GMT+10) at roughly midday. I strongly encourage people to attend.]

The whirring and clanking of clockwork contraptions. The shuffling of old feet clad in too-comfortable boots. The soft brush of silken robes against polished furniture. These are the things people of Avendel have come to associate with the library, the looming dark obelisk in their midst.

Lately, the library has seemed dormant. Peaceful. But as the common people make their offerings to wilderness deities and as the crops seem to grow too healthy, the library's attention shifts. Young apprentices scan the streets and the pastoral farmlands surrounding the city.

Something is brewing.

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Calchas Blaesus: A mad seer.
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