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An Omen of End for the Famine

Hunger has been looming over Avendel since the catastrophe that shook it.

Hungry people are dangerous people, violent people. Among them are the defeated; dragging their feet against cobblestones and perpetually tightening their belts. Tension becomes almost palpable, but sadly tension no matter how thick is inedible.

Children are sent by their families to raid what scarce, unripe crops they may from the farms surrounding the city. Merchants arriving on ships carrying food leave far wealthier than they ever thought they might.

These children spread rumor through their families and through their friends of how the crops seem to be maturing faster than they ought to, growing larger than they should. Something is changing in either the food or the soil around Avendel, but never within it. Farmers have started offering tithe to whatever their benefactor might be and always, always, the little offerings of toys and trinkets they leave by their doorsteps disappear overnight.

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Calchas Blaesus: A mad seer.
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