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Monstrous Races


Aero Silver wrote:

Hello, I have been on the server for a few weeks by now. So far it is great and I am in love with it!

I have a few questions, if I may:
(1) Regarding the dark races that require an application (tiefling, drow, kobold, etc.):
what is the best way to RP them? I have seen ONE female drow so far, (clad in dark tight clothes and hood). And she just wondered in and out without a word, which is perfectly fine, as drows are not expected to attend tea parties in the Blue Moon. But my question is: do these dark races have a place to call home, or are they always masquerading to walk in town? Are there places with shops outside of the main cities where they can go to?

(2) Regarding wereanimals (werewolves, wereboars, werebears, etc):
From what I observed, the Lycanthropes are easier to RP than other dark races because they gain the benefit of being a civilized race and a monster race. They can shapeshift at will, and most of the time, they are alone in a dungeon without fear of getting caught, then after the frenzy ends, they socialize over beer at the Blue Moon. Am I right in my assumption?

(3) Regarding other exotic races:
Is there a possibility to play other races not listed? Such as a shadow genasi, a goblin, a githzerai, or an orog, for example?
(I am simply inquiring, I am not asking for a custom race, yet)

Some really good questions:

1) Playing MONSTROUS races:

Goblins, orcs, lienvironmentdragon disciples, and under dark races are considered monstrous - as are all mist other races not vaguely resembling humans. while they may not be attacked on site in most settlements if they approach in a friendly manner, they will be treated very poorly and with extreme suspicion. They may be denied service, or get pushed around by guards. Players and DMs should both work toward creating this environment.

Depending on current events certain races may be completely barred from certain settlements: half-orcs from Thorneymoor, firbolg and tu'athan PCs from the Highmarch Gates, etc.

I'm not aware of any currently approved drpw PCs.

2) Lycanthropes:

The more human-like your character is, or can be, the easier time you'll have. Natural lycanthropes can, of course, shift at will. Afflicted lycanthropes have the same statistics as natural lycanthropes - but they.... in conjunction with DMs - are expected to roleplay their struggles with the curse. I wanted to allow more creativity than what an automated system allows for.

Some players have been fantastic with their portrayal of lycanthropes. Others have been sorely disappointing.

In any case greater risk earn greater rewards. If you play a werewolf who gets overtaken by bloodlust and menaces travelers you'll get more attention And cooler stuff than a dire wolf who plays fetch with people.

3) What can you apply for?

You can technically apply for any in game perk or race. I am lately more inclined to tell people to go for Aasimar, Tiefling, or Fey-touched in lieu of half-races.

Feel free to discuss any ideas you might have with a DM.

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