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LETO Request

Character Name: Avanafyl Illareth

Hoping for a description edit and familiar facelift.

Please put this as her description:

At first glance, the most noticeable thing about the young woman is the waves of ebony curls that shine a deep purple hue under direct light, not that she is seen much in the bright sun. Her cream colored skin upon very close inspection has a slight grey hue that is unnoticed by most people. The yellow glint to her eyes might seem unusual should someone stare into them long enough.

Avanafyl carries herself with confidence, direction and focus. She always seems to be considering something, and when presented with something new, is ravenous for knowledge. She appears engaged, pleasant and does smile somewhat frequently. This. however, is almost always a wry grin as if she is actually thinking about something else entirely.

Should someone be observant enough they might notice shadows acting peculiar around here. They move unpredictably and almost as if they acknowledge her presence. Most notably she can occasionally be seen whispering to a particular dark splotch of shadows near her: be it under a chair, in a corner or her pack. If someone timed their investigative glance just right, then might see two pinpricks of light in those shadows. Like eyes.

Familiar Appearance Change:

1.) Change skin of imp familiar to Resref and Tag nw_spectre
2.)Change familiar portrait to: po_spectre_

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