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How to become a DM on Andrune

Its the role of a dungeon master on Andrune, first and foremost, to make the world come alive and allow player actions to have a meaningful impact. There are two kinds of DMs on Andrune: PC-DMs, and Head-DMs.

The role of a PC-DM is exclusively to run events and provide occasional assistance to fellow players. Ideally I'd love to give everyone who wants to try a chance... but the unfortunate result is a lot of new DMs tend to lose steam, and a large pool of innactive DMs will begin to accumulate every couple months. There are three PC-DM slots open at any time. These slots will be cleared every few months as DMs become inactive to make way for new people who are interested.

The role of a Head-DM is to guide server policy. Head-DMs are the people who will be answering questions in the "Ask a DM" thread. Trial DMs who have shown themselves to be mature, good story-tellers, and have made significant contributions to the lore of the module will be asked to be head DMs. This is by invitation only.

The current Head-DMs are:

But if you would like to be considered please send me a private-message with the following:

1) Your account Name
2) How long have you played on Andrune?
2) What is your approximate schedule?
3) What experience as a DM have you had?
4) What sorts of events would you like to develop? What gaps in the server lore do you want to see expanded?

If I don't select you right away you should not be discouraged. It may be I don't know you well-enough yet, or it may be we're already training one less-experienced DM and don't have the time to show another the ropes.

So if you're interested, send me a private message with that information so I know to keep an eye.

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