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Several posters go up in Bodkin and Sunspring Meadows.

Recently, there was an alleged attack on Librarian forces, who were poised to protect a great, powerful, and dangerous spirit. If these attacks were not carried out entirely by members of the Moonveil tribe, those involved should turn themselves in to Imperial Authorities, for the endangerment of all civilization on Aolyth.

Your recent actions condemned many innocents to death for no reason and with no warning, as well as cut off many small towns with little defense of their own. What you did cannot be undone, but you can at least make amends for it by turning yourselves in.

The notes are written in a neat, loopy cursive, but there are no names or signatures on any of them, nor is there any other sort of identification.

Daedamai-- Blue-winged sarcastic bird
Wilgold-- The magnificent Red Bard
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