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Songs of Valor and Triumph.

Several songs have been going around since the death of the Barghest. Each carries a strong, victorious melody, though the details in the lyrics are somewhat conflicting.

In the first, and liveliest of the songs, the names of all the prominent heroes are there, and tells of how the heroic halfling bard Wilgold the Puppystomper was able to strike down the Barghest with a crossbow bolt fired through the beasts eye, with the help of the other heroes, including the warrior-constable of Bodkin, Isania; half-orc legend, Snaga; champion of Aine, Ronan; the giant, tinplated mountain of a man, Fraydoc, and the lovely shapeshifting Druidess Brighde. Others listed in the song, noted for various heroics were Yvette, the beautiful Librarian, and her lovely bodyguard Sabella, as well as sir Ashard the brave and sir Logren, the fierce halfdragon.

Other songs, being played in inns and taverns across the island by a strange blue bard go more into detail on the heroics of Wilgold the Puppystomper, specifically, as well as certain others who were involved.

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Daedamai-- Blue-winged sarcastic bird
Wilgold-- The magnificent Red Bard
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